Welcome to the Reptile section of Canada's Aquatic Environments' website. In each of the following four books you can discover different aspects of reptiles inhabiting Canada. Click on the book that interests you to explore these fascinating creatures.

Book 1: Intro to Reptiles Introduction to Reptiles
Book 2: Snakes and Lizards, Order Squamata Snakes and Lizards: Order Squamata
Book 1 offers an introduction to reptiles. It introduces their evolution, reproduction, taxonomy, and aspects of reptile conservation. Book 2 offers an introduction to snakes and lizards. It discusses their evolution, reproduction, taxonomy, locomotion, and aspects of thier conservation.
Book 3: Turtles, Order Testudines Turtles, Order Testudines
Book 4: Reptile Families Reptile Families
Book 3 is an overview of the order Testudines, or the Turtles. It introduces turtle morphology, reproduction, nesting habits, ecology and conservation. Book 4 is an overview of reptile families in Canada.

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