Origins of Icebergs

Most Arctic icebergs come from the Greenland ice cap, although a few originate from the glaciers on Ellesmere, Devon and Baffin Islands. At any given time there are more than 10,000 icebergs afloat in the eastern Arctic waters of Baffin Bay and Davis Strait - by far the best places to go iceberg watching! Arctic ocean currents usually confine icebergs to eastern Arctic waters, carrying them south past Baffin Island and Labrador. During winter, Arctic icebergs get frozen into pack ice, but they eventually melt away as they drift south. Only the largest Arctic icebergs last long enough to complete the 2-3 year journey to the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. It was one of these mammoth icebergs that gouged the hull of the Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912, dooming over 1,500 passengers to a chilling death.


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