Sizes of Icebergs

The size of some icebergs can be astounding!

Icebergs can range in height from 60 to 200 metres, over half the height of the CN Tower! Large icebergs in the Arctic may weigh as much as 10 million tons. Because ice and water have different densities, ice floats. However, because ice is only slightly less dense than water, most of an iceberg is submerged. In fact, the visible top of the iceberg reflects only about one-ninth of its total mass. The large underwater base of an iceberg can cut deep grooves in the sea floor, called ice scours, similar to a plow moving through a field. In fact icebergs often get stuck in the mud on the sea floor. Because the bulk of each iceberg is underwater, their movement is under the control of sea currents rather than winds.