Welcome to the Mammal section of Canada's Aquatic Environments' website. In each of the following four books you can discover different aspects of the mammals that inhabit Canada. Click on the book that interests you to explore these fascinating creatures.

Book 1: Introduction to Mammals Book 1: Introduction to Mammals
Book 2: Morphology Book 2: Morphology
Book 1 offers an introduction to mammals. It defines what a mammal is and introduces aspects of their endothermy and sociality. Book 2 offers an introduction to mammalian morphology, specifically their body plan, their locomotion, integument and senses.
Book 3: Evolution of Mammals Book 3: Evolution of Mammals
Book 4: Introduction to Orders Book 4: Mammal Families
Book 3 is an overview of the evolution of mammals and their movement through the fossil record. Book 4 is an overview of mammal families in Canada.

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