Mustela - Latin; weasel   vison - probably Latin; visor (a scout)
Order: Carnivora
Family: Mustelidae

Adult mink are sexually dimorphic, meaning that males and females look differently. Males range in length from 33-43 cm and weigh 700-1300 g, while females are 30-36 cm long and weigh 550-1100 g. "Mink" is a Swedish word meaning "stinking animal", referring to the musky odour secreted by their anal gland. A mink's luxurious fur is deep brown throughout the year, except for a whitish patch on the chin. Mustela vison can be recognised by their typically mustelid-like elongate shape and short legs. When running, mink arch their flexible spine, to achieve amazing speed. The mink's shape is not only well-suited to agile movement on land, but is also hydrodynamic. Their partly-webbed feet and dense, waterproof coat also benefit M.vison's amphibious lifestyle.