Castor - Latin; beaver   canadensis - Latin; of Canada
Order: Rodentia
Family: Castoridae

An adult Castor canadensis is 90-117 cm long, and weighs between 13 and 35 kg. Beavers have a dark brown coat with long glossy guard hairs overlying a very dense, insulating undercoat.

They are most easily recognized by their prominent, ever-growing incisors which are fortified on their leading edge by orange iron compounds.

Beavers are extremely well adapted to live in water year-round. In addition to their thick, waterproof coat, they have a paddle-shaped tail which acts as a rudder, webbed feet, and valvular ears and nostrils which can be sealed when the beaver is submerged. The beaver's diving reflex helps to conserve heat and oxygen by slowing the heart, thereby reducing blood circulation to the extremities.