The Lakes of Canada

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Canada's Top Ten Lakes

1. Lake Superior (82,100 sq km), Ontario.
2. Lake Huron (59,570 sq km), Ontario.
3. Great Bear Lake (31,153 sq km), Northwest Territories.
4. Great Slave Lake (27,200 sq km), Northwest Territories.
5. Lake Erie (25,700 sq km), Ontario.
6. Lake Winnipeg (23,750 sq km), Manitoba.
7. Lake Ontario (19,100 sq km), Ontario.
8. Lake Athabasca (7,770 sq km), Alberta/Saskatchewan.
9. Reindeer Lake (6,640 sq km), Saskatchewan/Manitoba.
10. Nettilling Lake (5,699 sq km), Northwest Territories.

Also of interest:
Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory.
Lake Okanagan, British Columbia.
Lake Hazen, Northwest Territories.
Kejimkujik Lake, Nova Scotia.
Manicouagan Reservoir, Quebec.


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