Size: L: 22 cm. Wt: Males: 85 g. Females: 60 g. Males and females are somewhat dimorphic in size and colour. This species is only slightly seasonally dimorphic, with overall plumage patterns being brighter and more intense in the breeding season than in the winter.

Adult Male: upperparts brown, with some rufous on back, and buffy or pale rufous feather-tips; crown rufous; face and breast lightly streaked with brown, with paler throat, and breast with blackish flecks throughout; belly white; bill short, straight, black; legs yellow-orange, with dark nails

Adult Female: upperparts dark brown, with light brown or light rufous feather-tips; crown brown, with hint of rufous; face and breast streaked with brown, with whitish throat; belly white; bill and legs as in adult male

Juvenile: similar to adult female, but streaking on breast heavier, and throat more distinctly white