Size: L. 25 cm. Wt: Males: 115 g. Females: 140 g. Males and females are somewhat dimorphic in size and colour, but have the same overall plumage pattern. Males tend to be smaller and brighter. This species is also seasonally dimorphic.

Breeding Adult: back and wings chestnut, with broad, black bands (large white wing patches are visible when the bird is in flight); head white, with dusky crown, black lines running from below eye to nape, and from below eye to black bib on breast; lower breast, belly, and undertail coverts white; bill short, sharp, blackish; legs dark orange

Winter Adult: back and wings brown, with scalloped appearance; head light brown, with brown to blackish lines similar to black summer markings, but fainter; bib blackish-brown; lower breast, belly, and undertail coverts white; bill and legs as in breeding adult

Juvenile: similar to winter adult, but back appears more strikingly scalloped, markings near eye more distinct, and bib brown with less distinct edges