Size: L: 22 cm. Wt: 55-60 g. Males and females are similar. This species is seasonally dimorphic.

Breeding Adult: crown, nape and back chestnut, with variable scalloping and streaking; wings black; face, breast, sides, and flanks white, with fine, even black streaks; belly with large central blotch; bill long, sturdy, curved at tip, black; legs black

Winter Adult: upperparts grey-brown, with white smudge over eye and whitish throat; breast pale grey-brown, faintly streaked; belly white; bill and legs as in breeding adult

Juvenile: upperparts light chestnut, with white smudge over eye, and distinct scalloping on back; wings dark brown; breast buffy, with fine, dark streaks; belly whitish, with black spots that are heaviest in central area; bill and legs as in adults