Size: L: 45-50cm. Wt: Males: 1000 g. Females: 815 g. Sexually dimorphic in size and colour. Males of this species exhibit eclipse plumage.

Male: head oval, dark metallic green, with large white spot in front of eye; eye yellow; bill dark grey; breast, belly and flanks white; back black with row of white patches; tail blackish.

Female/Eclipse Male: head purplish-brown; bill black with orange tip; neck white; breast and flanks mottled grey; belly white; tail dark grey-brown.

Juvenile: young male similar to female, but with faint spot on face, no bill orange, white breast, and more white on flanks.

Duckling: downy; blackish-brown above; white below; upper breast dark brown; white cheeks; bill gray; legs and feet yellowish-grey.