Rana - Latin for frog.

pipiens - the name Rana pipiens is inappropriate for this frog. M. Catesby was the first naturalist to describe this frog, P. Kalm described the northern leopard frog call, but it was really the sound of the spring peeper, and H. Schreber, in 1782 named this frog based on Kalm's description of the call.

Frog commonly used for dissection.

The northern leopard frog is also called the grass frog, meadow frog, and spotted frog because it often wanders away from the water into meadows or fields after breeding. If you have tried to catch a frog around the Great Lakes you were likely trying to catch this common species. Since this frog frequents a variety of habitats it is easy to find and is frequently used for dissections in biology classes. The pickerel frog is sometimes confused with the northern leopard frog, due to their similar appearance, but the inside of their thigh is yellow or yellow-orange, while in leopard frogs it is white.