Pseudacris - from the Latin pseud for false and acris derived from the Latin acre for sharp, referring to the sharp shape of the head. This genus is a "false Acris" since it might be confused with the genus Acris because they both have pointed heads

crucifer - from the Latin cruci or crux meaning cross and fer denoting one that carries a cross, referring to the cross-like mark on the spring peeper's back

The frog with the big "X" and a loud peep.

The common name, spring peeper, comes from the fact that this frog is often heard in the spring season. The spring peeper is the easiest frog to hear but not to see, since it tends to be a recluse. Its adhesive toe pads help the spring peeper climb smooth vegetation to capture food. It is able to alter colour to suit its surroundings, changing from tan to dark brown in as little as 15 minutes.