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Shen Yingshuo

Job Title: Data Specialist
Employer: Research Corp Univ. of Hawaii
Place of Birth: Shanghai, China
Further Education: Fudan University (B.Sc.), DalTech (M.Sc.), Dalhousie University M.Sc.).
Geographic focus of research: Gulf of Maine and the Scotian Shelf, Asian Pacific

Brief synopsis of current research:
Support Climate Reseach in Asia-Pacific Sector

Website: OR

Recent Publications:

Y. Shen and K. R. Thompson. 1997 Oscillating Flow of a Homogeneous Fluid Over an Isolated Topographic Feature. Atmosphere-Ocean 35-3, 229-255

D. A. Greenberg, J. W. Loder, Y. Shen, D. R. Lynch and C. E. Naimie. 1997 Spatial and Temporal Structure of the Barotropic Response of the Scotian Shelf and Gulf of Maine to Surface Wind Stress: A model-based study. Journal of Geophysical Research 102-C9, 20,897-20,915.

J. W. Loder, Y. Shen and H. Ridderinkhof. 1997 Characterization of Three-Dimensional Lagrangian Circulation associated with Tidal Rectification over a Submarine Bank. Journal of Physical Oceanography 27, 1729-1742.

C. G. Hannah, Z. Xu, Y. Shen and J. W. Loder 1998 Models for Suspended Sediment Dispersion and Drift. In: Estuarine and Coastal Modeling: Proceedings 5th International Conference. ASCE, p. 708-722.