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Dr. Joe Wroblewski

Job Title: Professor (Research)
Employer: Ocean Sciences Centre, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Public School attended: Robert Emmet Elementary School
High School attended: Austin High School
Further Education: University of Illinois at Chicago(B.Sc.), Florida State University (M.Sc., Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Newfoundland and Labrador, eastern coast of the US

Brief synopsis of current research:
My research interests include fisheries oceanography, global ocean ecosystem dynamics, and physical-biological mathematical modeling. Recent projects involved sonic tagging and tracking at sea of individual fish to determine their behaviour, computer modeling of the northern cod population as a metapopulation, and development of cod farming in Labrador. I am currently investigating local fisheries resources of the Labrador coast which are utilized by coastal communities, but which have not been scientifically documented. My students and I, known as the Fisheries Oceanography Group at the Ocean Sciences Centre, Memorial University, conduct biological field sampling in partnership with local fishers to investigate the ecosystem dynamics (productivity and resident species behaviour) of these living marine resources.

Mailing address:
Ocean Sciences Centre, 4 Clark Place, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NF A1B 3X7


Recent Publications:

Ruzzante, D.E., J.S. Wroblewski, C.T. Taggart, R.K. Smedbol, D. Cook and S.V. Goddard. 2000. Bay-scale population structure in coastal Atlantic cod in Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada. J. Fish Biology 56: 431-447.

Wroblewski, J.S., B.G. Nolan, G.A. Rose and B. deYoung. 2000. Response of individual shoaling Atlantic cod to ocean currents on the northeast Newfoundland shelf. Fisheries Research 45: 51-59.

Wroblewski, J.S., H.W. Hiscock and I.R. Bradbury. 1999. Fecundity of Atlantic cod farmed for stock enhancement in Newfoundland bays. Aquaculture 171: 163-180.

Smedbol, R.K., D.G. Schneider, J.S. Wroblewski and D.A. Methvan. 1998. Outcome of an inshore spawning event by northern Atlantic cod at a low stock level. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 55: 2283-2291.

Wroblewski, J.S., W.L. Bailey and J. Russell. 1998. Grow-out cod farming in southern Labrador. Bull. Aquacul. Assoc. Canada 98-2.