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Hal Whitehead

Job Title: Professor
Employer: Dalhousie University
Place of Birth: Derby, Derbyshire, UK
Public School attended: St Edmund's, Hindhead, U.K.
High School attended: Uppingham School, Rutland, U.K.
Further Education: Cambridge University, U.K. (B.A., Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Nova Scotia, Ecuador, Chile

Brief synopsis of current research:
I study the behaviour, ecology and population biology of the deep water whales, particularly sperm and northern bottlenose whales.


Recent Publications:

Whitehead H, Dufault S (1999) Techniques for analyzing vertebrate social structure using identified individuals: review and recommendations. Advances in the Study of Behavior 28:33-74.

Connor RC, Mann J, Tyack PL, Whitehead H (1998) Social evolution in toothed whales. Trends Ecol Evol 13:228-232.

Whitehead H (1998) Cultural selection and genetic diversity in matrilineal whales. Science 282:1708-1711.

Hooker SK, Whitehead H, Gowans S (1999) Marine protected area design and the spatial and temporal distribution of cetaceans in a submarine canyon. Conserv Biol 13:592-602.

Whitehead H, Dillon M, Dufault S, Weilgart L, Wright J (1998) Non-geographically based population structure of South Pacific sperm whales: dialects, fluke-markings and genetics. J Anim Ecol 67:253-262