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Charles G. Trick

Job Title: Professor
Employer: University of Western Ontario
Place of Birth: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Public School attended: Jr. High, Cuyahoga Falls High School, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
High School attended: Cuyahoga Falls High School, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio; Westwood Collegiate Institute, Winnipeg MB
Further Education: University of Manitoba (B.Sc.), Acadia University (M.Sc.), University of British Columbia (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia, USA (California Current), Bermuda (Sargasso Sea), Peru / Mexican upwelling zones

Brief synopsis of current research:
The role of phototrophic plankton on marine biogeochemical cycles.

Mailing address:
Department of Plant Sciences, UWO, London ONT N6A 5B7
Phone: (519)661-3899


Recent Publications:

Wilhelm, S.W. and C.G. Trick. 1994. Iron-limited growth of cyanobacteria: siderophore production is a common response mechanism. Limnology and Oceanography 39(8): 1979-1984.

S.W. Wilhelm, K.A. MacCauley, and C.G. Trick. (1998). Evidence for the importance of catechol-type siderophores in the iron-limited growth of a cyanobacterium. Limnology and Oceanography 43(5): 992-997

Lewis, B.L., P.D. Holt, S.W. Taylor, S.W. Wilhelm, C.G. Trick, A. Butler and G.W. Luther III. 1995. Voltammetric estimation of iron (III) thermodynamic stability constants for catecholate siderophores isolated from marine bacteria and cyanobacteria. Marine Chemistry 50: 179-188.

Maxwell, D.P., S. Falk, C.G. Trick, and N.P. Huner. 1994. Growth at low temperature mimics high light accumulation in Chlorella vulgaris. Plant Physiology 105: 535-549.

M.J. Twiner and C.G. Trick. Nutritional control of growth and hydrogen peroxide production in the coastal Raphidophyte, Heterosigma sp. Journal of Plankton Research (in press).