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Dr. Brenda J. Topliss

Job Title: Research Scientist
Employer: Federal Government
Place of Birth: Soilhull, Warwickshire, UK
High School attended: Soulihull High School for Girls
Further Education: University of Durham, England (B.Sc.), UCNW (M.Sc., Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Oceans - Canadian east coast, and globally

Brief synopsis of current research:
My most recent work is on climate with particular emphasis on ocean-atmosphere interactions and how those might appear in the environment. I have also done a lot of work in satellite oceanography, to look at sediments. water colour, phytoplankton, ozone, sea surface temperature, winds, sea height and radar ocean features. Examples of all these can be found on the associated website.



Recent Publications:

Topliss, B.J. 1994. Can interannual variations in stratospheric ozone be observed in the marine environment? International Journal of Climatology. 14, 1115-1133.

Topliss, B.J. and Guymer, T.H. Winds. 1995. Scatterometers, in "Oceanographic Applications of Remote Sensing", Editors F.Dobson and M.Ikeda, CRC Press, p205-221.

Topliss, B.J. 1997. Climatic Links across the North Atlantic. Ocean Challenge. 7, 3, 40-46.

Thompson K.R., Kelley, D.E., Sturley, D., Topliss, B. and Leal, R. 1998. Nearshore circulation from synthetic aperture radar: an exploratory study. International Journal of Remote Sensing 19,6, 1161-1178.

Mason, C.S., Petrie, B. and Topliss, B.J. 1999. Satellite Measurements of Sea Surface Temperature: an Application to Regional Ocean Climate. NAFO Scientific Council Studies 32, 45-54.

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