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Jim Sherry

Job Title: Chief, Ecosystem Health Assessment Project
Employer: Environment Canada, NWRI
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
High School attended: Moyle Park College
Further Education: University College Dublin (B.Sc.), National University of Ireland (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Ontario, PEI, Alberta, BC, Germany

Brief synopsis of current research:
His current research interests at NWRI relate to using the induction of vitellogenin (Vg) in fish as a bioindicator of exposure to estrogenic substances. The egg yolk precursor Vg is a female protein that can be detected in the plasma of male fish after exposure to estrogenic chemicals. In vivo bioassays are used to measure the estrogenic potencies of ambient water, industrial and municipal waste waters, and pure chemicals. The estrogenic potencies of fractionated mixtures are measured using an vitro assay based on primary cultures of trout liver hepatocytes. Dr. Sherry is also exploring the replacement of conventional tests that use live fish for the detection of sublethal responses by tests based on fish cell lines. Further interests include the sublethal effects of waste waters from petroleum refineries and oil sands operations on the biota in recipient environments.


Recent Publications:

Sherry et al., 1999. An ELISA for brown trout (Salmo trutta) vitellogenin and its use in bioassays for environmental estrogens. Science of Total Environment 225: 13-31

Research into the effects of stressors on the aquatic biota will provide the information needed to solve one of the most pressing problems that humanity faces.