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Dr. Abby L. Schwarz

Job Title: Instructor
Employer: Langara College
Place of Birth: New York, New York, USA
Further Education: Brandeis University (B.Sc.), MIT and Boston University (M.Sc.), Boston University (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia, Australia, USA

Brief synopsis of current research:
a) underwater bioacoustics (fishes)
b) effect of habitat on social organization and mating systems (fishes)
c) wetland conservation
d) raptor ecology and behavior (especially connected with wetlands)
e) animal cognition (this is a field I hope to work in; not currently involved in it)



Recent Publications:

Schwarz, A.L. 1999. An Introduction to Wetlands and Wetland Restoration. University-level (2nd-year and upper-level credit as well) course for the province of British Columbia. Obtain from the Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology, Ministry of Advanced Education, 6th fl., 1483 Douglas St., Victoria, B.C. V8W 3K4

Schwarz, A.L., 1995. Social organization and behavior in Dascyllus reticulatus (Pisces,Pomacentridae) in two contrasting habitats. Bull. Mar. Sci. 57 (3): 706.

Schwarz, A.L. and C.L. Smith, 1990. Sex change in the damselfish Dascyllus reticulatus (Richardson) (Perciformes, Pomacentridae). Bull. Mar. Sci. 46: 790-798.

Schwarz, A.L., 1985. The behavior of fishes in their acoustic environment. Env. Biol. Fish. 13: 3-15.

Schwarz, A.L. and G.L. Greer, 1984. Responses of Pacific herring, , to some underwater sounds. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 41: 1183-1192.

I can only say, follow what you really want to do and don't get sidetracked by expediency. It's most important to look back on a life that was lived as you desired to the extent that this was possible. Further, remember that good science is a lot of bloody hard work as well as fun, and that while not all experiments work out, this is not cause for despair. I would also urge students to learn how to share their findings with the lay public. People are willing to learn if they are given the information in a manner they can digest, and we desperately need an informed citizenry to make good decisions. The politicians can't do it alone.