Peter SalebackResearcher Profile

Peter Sale

Job Title: Professor
Employer: University of Windsor
Further Education: University of Toronto (B.Sc., M.Sc.), University of Hawaii (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research:

Brief synopsis of current research:
I am interested in the structure and organization of ecological communities and in the responses of individuals and populations to their environment. My work has principally concerned communities of fish, particularly those in coral reef habitats, and I recognize and value the intimate links between fundamental ecological research and effective sustainable management. The present focus is on recruitment and juvenile ecology of freshwater and coral reef fishes, and on sustainable management of coral reef systems.


Recent Publications:

Sale, P.F. 1999. Recruitment in space and time. Nature 397: 25-26.

Danilowicz, B.S., and P.F. Sale 1999. Relative predation intensity on the French grunt, Haemulon flavolineatum, during diurnal, crepuscular, and nocturnal periods on a coral reef.. Mar. Biol. 133: 337-343.

Danilowicz, B.S., and P.F. Sale, 1999. Modelling settlement in open populations of reef fishes. Ecol. Model. 121: 261-276.

Ganger, M.T. 1999. The spatial and temporal distribution of young-of-the-year Osmerus mordax in the Great Bay Estuary. Env. Biol. Fish. 54: 253-261.

Nemeth, R.S. 1998. The effect of natural variation in substrate architecture on the survival of juvenile bicolor damselfish. Env. Biol. Fish 53: 129-141.