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T. E. Reimchen

Job Title: Adjunct Professor
Employer: University of Victoria
Place of Birth: Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada
Further Education: University of Alberta (B.Sc.), Unversity of Liverpool, UK (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia

Brief synopsis of current research:
Long term studies on the evolutionary radiation of threespine stickleback and other endemic taxa from coastal British Columbia. Nutrient cycling between salmon and riparian zones using stable nitrogen isotopes.



Recent Publications:

Reimchen, T. E. 1992. Injuries on stickleback from attacks by a toothed predator (Oncorhynchus) and some implications for the evolution of lateral plates. Evolution 46: 1224-1230.

Reimchen, T. E. 1994. Predators and evolution in threespine stickleback. In Evolution of the threespine stickleback (ed. M.A. Bell and S. A. Foster), pp 240-273. Oxford University Press.

Reimchen, T. E. 1995. Predator-induced cyclical changes in lateral plate frequencies of Gasterosteus. Behaviour 132:1079-1094.

Reimchen, T. E. 1997. Parasitism of asymmetric pelvic phenotypes in stickleback. Can. J. Zool. 75:2084-2094.

Reimchen, T. E. 1998. Nocturnal foraging behaviour of Black Bear, Ursus americanus, on Moresby Island, British Columbia. Can. Field-Nat. 112:446-450.