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Daniel Pauly

Job Title: Professor
Employer: Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Further Education: University of Kiel, Germany (M.Sc., Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia, World Oceans and Tropics

Brief synopsis of current research:
1) fish stock assessments, with emphasis on tropical, data-sparse settings.
2) further development of FishBase, a global database of fish (on annually updated CD-ROMs), whose Internet version now receives over 300,000 visits per month (see
3) marine ecosystem modelling and ecosystem-based fisheries management (see


Recent Publications:

Pauly, D., V. Christensen, J. Dalsgaard, R. Froese and F.C. Torres Jr. 1998. Fishing down marine food webs. Science 279:860-863.

Pauly. D. 1998. Beyond our original horizons: the tropicalization of Beverton and Holt. Rev. Fish. Biol. Fish.8(3): 307-334.

Pauly, D. and V. Christensen. 1995. Primary production required to sustain global fisheries. Nature (374): d)

Pauly, D. 1994. On the sex of fish and the gender of scientists: essays in fisheries science. Chapman & Hall, London, 250 p.

Pauly, D. 1998. Tropical fishes: patterns and propensities. In T.E. Langford, J. Langford and J.E. Thorpe (eds.) Tropical Fish Biology. J. Fish Biol. 53 (Suppl. A): 1-17.

I chose a career in aquatic sciences because I wanted to be useful.