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Gary Parkin

Job Title: Assistant Professor
Employer: Unversity of Guelph
Place of Birth: London, Ontario, Canada
Public School attended: Valleyview
High School attended: Strathroy and District Collegiate Institute
Further Education: University of Western Ontario (B.Sc., M.Sc.), University of Guelph (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Ontario

Brief synopsis of current research:
field Current research focuses on measuring water and solute transport in the unsaturated zone. Specific topics include measuring and modeling water flow through layered soils, measuring nitrogen leaching from a farm field, and measuring soil water content with ground penetrating radar.

Recent Publications:

Baumgartner, N., G.W. Parkin, and D.E. Elrick, 1994. Soil water content and potential measured by hollow TDR probe, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 58, pp. 315-318.

Parkin, G.W., D.E. Elrick, R.G. Kachanoski, and R.G. Gibson, 1995. Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity measured by TDR under a rainfall simulator, Water Resources Research 31(3), pp. 447-454.

Parkin, G.W., R.G. Kachanoski, and D.E. Elrick, 1995. Constant rate rainfall infiltration in a field of variable , Water Resources Research, 31(3), pp. 593-600.

Parkin, G.W., A.W. Warrick, D.E. Elrick, and R.G. Kachanoski, 1995. Analytical solution for one-dimensional drainage: Water stored in a fixed depth, Water Resources Research, 31(5), pp.1267-1272.

Cey, E.E., D.L. Rudolph, R. Aravena, and G.W. Parkin. 1999. Role of the riparian zone in controlling the distribution and fate of agricultural nitrogen near a small stream in southern Ontario. J. of Contaminant Hydrology, 37: 45-67.

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