Eric MoodiebackResearcher Profile

G. Eric E. Moodie

Job Title: Professor of Biology
Employer: University of Winnipeg
Place of Birth: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Further Education: University of British Columbia (B.Sc., M.Sc.), University of Alberta (Ph.D.), University of Washington (PDF).
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia, Manitoba, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela

Brief synopsis of current research:
I study the relationship between fluctuating asymmetry and reproductive success in fishes. I am also investigating the historical relationships between the well-being of fish and human populationsm in Manitoba. In the past I have studied the intensive aquaculture of walleye and problems associated with the growth, survival, and development of larval walleye.

Mailing address:
Department of Biology, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 2E9

Recent Publications:

Pectoral fin asymmetry, dimorphism and fecundity in the Brook Stickleback, Culaea inconstans. R.P. Hechter, P.F. Moodie & G.E.E. Moodie. 2000. Behaviour, in press.

Do asymmetric sticklebacks make better fathers? G.E.E. Moodie & P. F. Moodie. 1996. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 263: 535-539.

A comparison of two production-scale modules for the intensive culture of larval walleye. G.E.E. Moodie, J.A. Mathias & N.L. Loadman. 1992. Aquacultural Engineering 11: 171-182.

Filial egg cannibalism in the brook stickleback, Culaea inconstans (Kirtland). I.G. Salfert & G.E.E. Moodie. 1985. Behaviour 93: 82-100.

Experimental demonstration of selective predation on Gasterosteus aculeatus. G.E.E. Moodie, J.D. McPhail & D.W. Hagen. 1973. Behaviour XLVII: 95-105.

I chose a career involving fishes because they and their aquatic environment began fascinating me in my early childhood. My career has let me indulge my curiosity about fishes as well as to try to learn something about fishes which can benefit human society. While teaching aquatic ecology I have had the opportunity to inform hundreds of students about critical ecological and environmental issues facing society. My work has taken me from the Queen Charlotte Islands of B.C. to Newfoundland and from Brazil to Thailand. My career has been rich and rewarding.