backResearcher Profile

Robie W. Macdonald

Job Title: Research Scientist
Employer: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Place of Birth: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Public School attended: Bayview in Vancouver; Glengyle in London (England)
High School attended: Laurentian High (Ottawa) Woodroffe High (Ottawa), Prince Andrew High (Dartmouth)
Further Education: Dalhousie University (B.Sc., Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Arctic, Pacific Coast, BC Lakes

Brief synopsis of current research:
My focus is contaminant transport in the context of oceanographic biogeochemical processes. I study watermass formation and transport on shelves, measure particle fluxes and infer contaminant residence times and processes that cause contaminant accumulation or transport. I use sediments and ice as proxy recorders to assemble histories and trends for contaminants. Contaminants studied include metals, organochlorines, PAH and radionuclides. Much of the data we acquire can also be related to climate issues such as freshwater balance in the arctic ocean or carbon sequestering by shelves. The work is carried out for the most part on continental shelves although ocean basins and BC lakes have also been studied.

Recent Publications:

Macdonald RW, Barrie LA, Bidleman TF, Diamond ML, Gregor DJ, Semkin RG, et al. Sources, occurrence and pathways of contaminants in the Canadian Arctic: A review. The Science of the Total Environment 2000;in press.

Macdonald RW, Carmack EC, McLaughlin FA, Falkner KK, Swift JH. Connections among ice, runoff and atmospheric forcing in the Beaufort Gyre. Geophysical Research Letters 1999;26:2223-2226.

Macdonald RW, Carmack EC, Paton DW. Using the d18O composition in landfast ice as a record of arctic estuarine processes. Marine Chemistry 1999;65:3-24.

Macdonald RW, Solomon SM, Cranston RE, Welch HE, Yunker MB, Gobeil C. A sediment and organic carbon budget for the Canadian Beaufort shelf. Marine Geology 1998;144:255-273.

Macdonald RW, Ikonomou MG, Paton DW. Historical inputs of PCDDs, PCDFs and PCBs to a British Columbia interior lake; the effect of environmental controls on pulpmill emissions. Environmental Science and Technology 1998;32:331-337.