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C.F.M. (Mike) Lewis

Job Title: Emeritus Scientist
Employer: Geological Survey of Canada
Place of Birth: Iroquois Falls, Ontario, Canada
Public School attended: Howard Ferguson public School, Cochrane, Ontario; Alliston Public School, Alliston, Ontario; Essa Township Public School, Thornton, Ontario
High School attended: Barrie District Collegiate Institute, Barrie, Ontario
Further Education: University of Toronto (B.Sc. - 1960, Physics and Geology; M.Sc. - 1963, Geology; Ph.D. - 1967, Geology/Geophysics).
Geographic focus of research: Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador offshore, USA

Brief synopsis of current research:
Origin and evolution of large lake drainages
Evidence of climate change in lake sediments
Scour of continental shelves and lakebeds by ice ridge keels and icebergs
Environmental and engineering geology: impact of natural processes on societal enterprise, and evidence of human impact on the environment

Mailing address:
Bedford Institute of Oceanography, P.O. Box 1006, Dartmouth NS B2Y 4A2

Recent Publications:

Lewis, C.F.M., Mayer, L.M., Mukhopadyay, P.K., Kruge, M.A., Coakley, J.P., and Smith, M.D. 2000. Multibeam sonar backscatter lineaments and anthropogenic organic components in lacustrine silty clay, evidence of shipping in western Lake Ontario. International Journal of Coal Geology, in press.

Todd, B.J., Forbes, D.L., Lewis, C.F.M., Matile, G.L.D., Nielsen, E., and Thorliefson, L.H. 1998. Geology of Lake Winnipeg: highlights of the Lake Winnipeg Project 1994-1996. Geological Survey of Canada Open File 3434 and Web Page (

Lewis, C.F.M., Taylor, B.B., Stea, R.R., Fader, G.B.J., Horne, R.J., MacNeill, S.G. and Moore, J.G. 1998. Earth Science and Engineering: Urban Development in the Metropolitan Halifax Region. In P.F. Karrow and O.L. White (eds.) Urban Geology of Canadian Cities, Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper 42, 409-444.

Lewis, C.F.M., Moore, T.C., Jr., Rea, D.K., Dettman, D.L., Smith, A.M. and Mayer, L.A. 1994. Lakes of the Huron basin: their record of runoff from the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Quaternary Science Reviews 13, 891-922.

Lewis, C.F.M. and Anderson, T.W. 1989. Oscillations of levels and cool phases of the Laurentian Great Lakes caused by inflows from glacial Lakes Agassiz and Barlow-Ojibway. Journal of Paleolimnology 2, 99-146.