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Colin Levings

Job Title: Research Scientist
Employer: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Place of Birth: Victoria, BC, Canada
Public School attended: Cobble Hill (near Duncan), Edmonds (Burnaby)(both in BC)
High School attended: North Surrey High
Further Education: University of British Columbia (B.Sc., M.Sc.), Dalhousie University (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Norway, Korea, Japan

Brief synopsis of current research:
In support of the ocean and habitat managers of FOC, applied ecology on nearshore habitats of the northeast Pacific, ecosystem delineation in the coastal zone, and estuarine ecology of juvenile salmon.

Recent Publications:

Levings, C.D. 1994. Feeding behaviour of juvenile salmon and significance of habitat during estuary and early sea phase. Nordic Journal of Freshwater Research 69: 7-16.

Grout, J., Levings, C.D. and J.S. Richardson, 1997. Decomposition rates of purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) and Lyngbyei's sedge (Carex lyngbyei) in the Fraser River estuary. ESTUARIES 20:96-102.

Levings, C.D. and D.J.H. Nishimura, 1997. Created and restored marshes in the lower Fraser River, British Columbia: a summary of their functioning as fish habitat. Water Quality Research Journal of Canada 32:599-618.

Gregory, R.S. and C.D. Levings 1998. Turbidity reduces predation on migrating juvenile Pacific salmon. Trans Amer Fish Soc 127: 275-285.

Levings, C.D. 1998. The Fraser River estuary, British Columbia, Canada: an introduction to its ecology, habitat management systems, and possible comparative work at the Han River estuary, Korea. Ocean Research (Korea) 20(2):199-207.

There is a good future for aquatic science as a career but because of the vagaries of taxpayer interest in at least government sponsored research, there is risk involved.