Peter LeavittbackResearcher Profile

Dr. Peter Leavitt

Job Title: Associate Professor
Employer: University of Regina
Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Public School attended: Meadowbrook Elementary
High School attended: Lower Canada College
Further Education: Queen's University (B.Sc., M.Sc.), University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Yukon, Northwest Territories, USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Israel

Brief synopsis of current research:
Ecosystem variability; Regulation of food-web structure; Paleolimnology; Regulation of primary production; Limnology; Environmental change; Disturbance

Mailing address:
Department of Biology, University of Regina, Regina, SK Canada, S4S 0A2M

Recent Publications:

Hall et al. 1999. Effects of agriculture, urbanization and climate on water quality in the northern Great Plains. Limnol. Oceanogr. 43: 739-756.

Leavitt et al. 1997. Past ultraviolet radiation environments in lakes derived from fossil pigments. Nature 388: 457-417.

Leavitt et al. 1994. Fossil pigment records of phytoplankton in trout-stocked alpine lakes. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 51: 2411-2423.

Carpenter and Leavitt. 1991. Temporal variation in a paleolimnological record arising from a trophic cascade. Ecology 72: 277-285.

Leavitt et al. 1989. Whole-lake experiments: The annual record of fossil pigments and zooplankton. Limnol. Oceanogr. 34: 700-717.

Healthy aquatic resources are essential to sustainable human culture. We use fresh water for nourishment, commerce, transportation and recreation. In the Canadian prairies, periodic lack of freshwater (droughts) restructure the fundamental fabric of our society (e.g., the dirty 30's). My research seeks to understand, quantify and predict changes in water quality using a wide range of empirical, experimental, modelling and paleoecological approaches.