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Job Title: Research Scientist
Employer: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Place of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Public School attended: Tower Road
High School attended: Queen Elizabeth High
Further Education: Dalhousie University (B.Sc., M.Sc.), University of London, England (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Nova Scotia offshore

Brief synopsis of current research:
Oceanic surface currents with relevance to fish and fish egg drift, oil spills, and search and rescue planning


Recent Publications:

Smith, Lawrence, Thompson, Sheng, Verner, St. James, Bernier and Feldman, 1998. Improving the Skill of Search-and-Rescue Forecasts. Cdn Meteorological and Oceanographic Soc. Bull 26(5), 119-129.

Sheng, Thompson, Cong, Smith and Lawrence. 2000. Subtidal Circulation on the Inner Scotian Shelf. submitted to Continental Shelf Research.

Lawrence and Smith. 1986. Evaluation of HF Ground-Wave Radar on the East Coast of Canada. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, vol. OE-11(2), 246-250.

Smith and Lawrence. 1988. An Intercomparison of Near-Surface Current Measurements off Southwest Nova Scotia. ICES C.M. 1988/C:8, 1-49.

I grew up beside the ocean. It is a necessary part of my life. To be able to have a career working and studying the ocean is the ultimate fulfilment.

The higher your level of education, the more freedom you generally have for the rest of your life to enjoy the career of your choice.

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