Henrik KreibergbackResearcher Profile

Henrik Kreiberg

Job Title: Research Biologist, Aquaculture Division
Employer: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Further Education: University of New Brunswick (M.Sc. - 1980).

Brief synopsis of current research:
Water recirculation in salmonid culture; impoundment to improve herring sac roe, induction of spawning; strain comparisons of chinook salmon in cage culture; salmonid transport methodology; feeding/growth characteristics in cage cultured chinook salmon; mitigation of bycatch loss in trawl fisheries; temperature and gillnet stress in sockeye salmon.



Recent Publications:

Kreiberg, H., J. R. Brett, A. Solmie, and R. A. Carter. 1986. A handbook on impounding sac-roe herring. Can. Ind. Rep. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 168: 46 p.

Kreiberg, H. 1987. Shipping smolts. Can. Aquacult. 3: 41-45.

Kreiberg, H. 1991. Effect of ration level and water temperature on growth and food conversion efficiency in chinook salmon in sea water. World Aquacult. 22: 84-85.

Kreiberg, H. 1992. Metomidate sedation minimizes handling stress in chinook salmon. Bull. Aquacult. Assoc. Can. 92: 52-54.