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Edward (Ned) King

Job Title: Quaternary Marine Geologist
Employer: NRCAN, GSC Atlantic
Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Public School attended: Bel Ayr (Elementary and Junior High), Dartmouth, N.S.
High School attended: Prince Andrew, Dartmouth, N.S.
Further Education: Dalhousie University (B.Sc.), University of Bergen, Norway (M.Sc., Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Offshore eastern Canada; Grand Banks, Sable Island Bank, Norway, North Sea

Brief synopsis of current research:
-Mapping of shallow (upper 50 m) continental shelf and slope geology.
-Glacial ice extent, sea level history
-Sediment mobility history around Sable Island
-Geohazards identification and mapping (eg. shallow gas, boulders, dense sediments)
-Large and small scale submarine avalanches

Mailing address:
Geological Survey of Canada-Atlantic, 1 Challenger Drive (P.O. Box 1006), B2Y 4A2

Recent Publications:

Edward L. King and Gary V. Sonnichsen. 2000. New insights into glaciation and sea level fluctuation on northern Grand Bank. Current Research

Haflidason, H., King, E.L. & Sejrup, H.P. 1998. Late Weichselian and Holocene sediment fluxes of the northern North sea Margin. Marine Geology, V. 152, p. 189-215.

King, E.L., Sejrup, H.P., Haflidason, H., Elverh°i, A, & Aarseth, A. 1996. Quaternary Seismic Stratigraphy of the North Sea Fan: glacially-fed gravity flow aprons, hemipelagic Sediments, and large submarine slides. Marine Geology V. 130, p. 293-315.