Heiner JosenhansbackResearcher Profile

Heiner Josenhans

Job Title: Marine Geologist
Employer: Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Place of Birth: Pfortzheim, Schwarzwald, Germany
Public School attended: Halifax Grammar School
High School attended: Prince Andrew High
Further Education: Dalhousie University (B.Sc. - Geology)
Geographic focus of research: Nova Scotia,Atlantic Provinces, British Columbia, Hudson Bay, Labrador Shelf

Brief synopsis of current research:
Project leader of: surficial geological and Quaternary mapping of Gulf Of St.Lawrence Canada. Also engaged in sealevel history studies in coastal areas of British Columbia and the Atlantic Provinces. Produce maps and scientific publications describing the attributes and history of the continental shelves and inland seas of Canada


Recent Publications:

Drowned forests and archeology on the continerntal shelf of British Columbia, Geology 28,2000.

Early humans and rapidly changing Holocene sea levels in the Queen Charlotte Islands-British Columbia, Canada, Science Vol. 277, 1997.

Late Glacial stratigraphy and history of the gulf of St.Lawrence, Canada, CJES vol. 36 1999

The Quaternary Geology of the Labrador Shelf, CJES Vol 23 1986

Dynamics of the Laurentide ice sheet in Hudson Bay,Canada Marine Geology,vol 92 1990