Researcher Profile

Philip R. Hill

Job Title: Professeur
Employer: Institut des sciences de la mer, Université du Québec à Rimouski
Place of Birth: London, England
High School attended: Gunnersbury Catholic Grammar School
Further Education: Oxford (B.A. - Geology, 1977), Dalhousie University (Ph.D. - Geology, 1981).
Geographic focus of research: Quebec, British Columbia

Brief synopsis of current research:
1. Dispersion and deposition of sandy sediments in wave-dominated and emergent coastal environments in eastern Hudson Bay. 2. Co-investigator of the Saguenay Fjord project - a multidisciplinary study of a naturally-deposited flood layer that resulted from a major rainstorm in 1996.
3. Geological factors in oil spill bioremediation of beaches.

Mailing address:
Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski (ISMER), Université du Québec à Rimouski, 310 allée des Ursulines, Rimouski (Québec) G5L 3A1
Phone: (418) 723-1986 Ext. 1705; Fax: (418) 724-1842

Recent Publications:

HILL, P.R., SIMARD, A., and HÉQUETTE, A. (1999). High resolution seismic stratigraphy of late Quaternary deposits in Manitounouk Sound, northern Québec: effects of rapid postglacial emergence. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 36, 549-563.

HILL, P.R., and SOLOMON, S. (1999) Geomorphologic and Sedimentary Evolution of a Transgressive Thermokarst Coast, Mackenzie Delta region, Canadian Beaufort Sea. Journal of Coastal Research, 15, pp. 1011-1029.

HILL, P.R. (1996). Late Quaternary sequence stratigraphy of the Mackenzie Delta. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 33, p. 1064-1174.

HILL, P.R., BARNES, P.W., HEQUETTE, A. and RUZ, M.-H. 1994. Arctic Coastal Plain Shorelines. Chapter in "Coastal Evolution" (eds. R.W. Carter and C. Woodroffe), Cambridge University Press, p. 341-372.

HEQUETTE, P.R. and HILL, P.R. 1995. Response of the seabed to offshore-directed storm currents on a sandy Arctic shoreface. Journal of Sedimentary Research, A65, 461-471.