Researcher Profile

Landis Hare

Job Title: Professor
Employer: INRS-Eau, Universite du Quebec
Place of Birth: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Public School attended: Chief Crowfoot
High School attended: Parkdale, Queen Elizabeth
Further Education: B.Sc. (1971), M.Sc. (1976), Ph.D. (1986).
Geographic focus of research: Quebec, Ontario, Africa

Brief synopsis of current research:
Interactions between lacustrine aquatic invertebrates and trace metal pollutants such as cadmium, copper and lead. We aim to understand metal bioaccumulation through considering the geochemical (metal speciation) and biological (animal behavior, ecology) complexities of lakes. On the practical side our goal is to test theoretically-based models that allow us to use animals as metal biomonitors.

Mailing address:
INRS-Eau, C.P., 7500, Sainte-Foy, Quebec, G1V 4C7
Phone: (418)654-2640; Fax: (418)654-2600

Recent Publications:

Munger, C., L. Hare & A. Tessier (1999) Cadmium sources and exchange rates for Chaoborus larvae in nature. Limnol. & Oceanogr. 44: 1763-1771.

Warren, L., A. Tessier & L. Hare (1998) Modelling cadmium accumulation by benthic invertebrates in situ: the relative contributions of sediment and overlying water reservoirs to organism cadmium concentrations. Limnol. & Oceanogr. 43: 1442-1454.

Croteau, M.-N., L. Hare & A. Tessier (1998) Refining and testing a trace metal biomonitor (Chaoborus) in highly acidic lakes. Environ. Sci. & Technol. 32: 1348-1353.

Charbonneau, P. & L. Hare (1998) Burrowing behavior and biogenic structures of mud-dwelling insects. J. North Amer. Benthol. Soc. 17: 239-249.

Hare, L. & A. Tessier (1996) Predicting animal cadmium concentrations in lakes. Nature 380: 430-432.