Researcher Profile

James M. Hamilton

Job Title: Physical Oceanographer
Employer: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Place of Birth: Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
High School attended: Cobequid Educational Center
Further Education: Mount Allison University (B.Sc.), Dalhousie University (M.Sc.).
Geographic focus of research: High Arctic, Atlantic Coastal and Estuarine waters

Brief synopsis of current research:
1) Field study looking at coupling between the Arctic Ocean and the Northwest Atlantic through Barrow Strait, using long term moorings. Goals are to improve understanding of the Arctic Ocean fluxes and circulation, and to investigate role of Arctic Ocean/Atlantic coupling on climate change. 2) Development of new oceanographic tools ( wave powered profiler, improved mooring components (SUBs)) 3) Long-term Coastal monitoring 4) Hydrodynamics research - mooring dynamics, rope properties, added mass

Recent Publications:

Hamilton, James M., Vibration-based techniques for measuring the elastic properties of ropes and the added mass of submerged objects, in press, Journ. Atmos. Ocean. Tech.

Hamilton, Jim , George Fowler and Brian Beanlands, Long-Term Monitoring with a Wave-Powered Profiler, Sea Technology, Sept, 1999.

Hamilton, James M., G.A. Fowler and D.J. Belliveau, Mooring Vibration as a Source of Current Meter Error and its Correction. Journ. Atmos. Oceano. Tech., vol. 14, no. 3, 644-655, 1997.

Hamilton, Jim M., Transient Mooring Tensions During Mooring Deployments, in Oceans '97 MTS/IEEE Conference Proceedings, pp. 134-139, 1997.

Hamilton, James M., N.S. Oakey and D.E. Kelley. Salt Finger Signatures in Microstructure Measurements, J.Geophys. Res., 98, C2, 2453-2460, 1993.