Researcher Profile

David M. Green

Job Title: Associate Professor
Employer: McGill University
Place of Birth: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Public School attended: Maple Grove School, Vancouver
High School attended: Magee High School, Vancouver
Further Education: University of British Columbia (B.Sc.), University of Guelph (M.Sc., Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: Quebec, Ontario, BC, US, New Zealand, Panama

Brief synopsis of current research:
Molecular genetics and cytogenetics of anuran amphibians; interpopulational divergence, hybridization, systematics and genome evolution, specifically of amphibians; evolution of sex determination systems and sex chromosomes; ecology and behaviour of amphibians.

Current research projects: Population dynamics, interspecific hybridization and conservation genetics of Fowler's toads, Bufo fowleri, in southern Ontario. Studies of declining amphibian populations and amphibian deformities in Canada as part of the efforts of the IUCN global task force.

Recent Publications:

Green, D.M. 1997. Perspectives on amphibian population declines: defining the problem and searching for answers. Herpetol. Conserv. 1:291-308.

Green, D.M. 1997. Temporal variation in abundance and age structure in Fowler's toads (Bufo woodhousii fowleri) at Long Point, Ontario. Herpetol. Conserv. 1:45-56.

Green, D.M., H. Kaiser, T.F. Sharbel, J. Kearsley, and K.R. McAllister. 1997. Cryptic species of spotted frogs, Rana pretiosa complex, from Western North America. Copeia 1997:1-8.

Green, D.M. and C. Pustowka. 1997. Correlated morphological and allozyme variation in the hybridizing toads, Bufo americanus and Bufo hemiophrys. Herpetologica 53:218-228.

Green, D.M., T.F. Sharbel, J. Kearsley, and H. Kaiser. 1996. Postglacial range fluctuation, genetic subdivision and speciation in the western North American Spotted frog complex, Rana pretiosa. Evolution 50:374-390.