Researcher Profile

G. Mark Fowler

Job Title: Marine Mammals/Fisheries Technician
Employer: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Further Education: B.Sc. - Honours Marine Biology
Geographic focus of research: Maritimes (N.S., N.B., P.E.I., Newfoundland), USA.

Brief synopsis of current research:
Fisheries stock assessments (white hake, American plaice, winter flounder, yellowtail flounder) and related research, migration studies (grey seal, harbour seal, cod, haddock, pollock, American plaice).


Recent Publications:

Fowler, G.M. & W.T. Stobo. 1999. The effects of release parameters on recovery rates of tagged groundfish species. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 56: 1732-1751.

Fowler, G.M. & W.T. Stobo. 1999. Reconciliation of processed catch statistics with log data for 1992-97 flatfish in 4vwx/5y. Can. Stock Assessment Secretariat Res. Doc. 99/149.

Fowler, M. 1998. 4VWX and 5 white hake 1998 stock assessment. Can. Stock Assessment Secretariat Res. Doc. 98/143.

Clark, D., J. Neilson, P. Hurley, P. Perley, and M. Fowler. 1998. Shifts in fishing effort, commercial landings and resource distribution for cod, haddock, pollock and white hake in NAFO Division 4X. Can. Stock Assessment Secretariat Res. Doc. 98/58.

O'Boyle, R.N., G.M. Fowler, P.C.F. Hurley, W. Joyce, & M.A. Showell. 1998. Update on the status of NAFO SA 3-6 porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus). Can. Stock Assessment Secretariat Res. Doc. 98/41.

The field is wide open, poorly funded in the West, but rapidly becoming more crucial to the world at large. I suspect we'll see more money dedicated to aquatic sciences in the fairly near future.