Researcher Profile

Dr. Lesley C. Fleming

Job Title: Senior Teaching Associate
Employer: University of New Brunswick, Biology Department
Place of Birth: Braintree, Essex, England
Public School attended: St. Lambert Elementary School (Quebec)
High School attended: Chambley county High School (Quebec)
Further Education: Mount Allison (B.Sc. - English and Biology), University of New Brunswick (Ph.D.)
Geographic focus of research: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland, Norway, Scotland, England, Canary Islands, Cap Verde, Alaska

Brief synopsis of current research:
My primary focus at UNB is teaching. However,I do identification work for other researchers, usually of small marine worms they think might be turbellarians or nemertines ( I did contract work for Fisheries and Oceans - identification and systematic study of various turbellarians and nemerteans - prior to becoming a faculty member at UNB).

Mailing address:
UNB Biology Department, Bag Service #45111, Fredericton, NB, E3B 1Y3

Speaking as a person who teaches potential young scientists, I would like to see any undergraduate student get as broad a background as possible, before delving into the graduate student degree mill. Last winter I spent several months on phone,with letters, parcels, and e-mailed instructions and photos, helping a master's student from Norway (and her international committee!). Her problem (and her committee's) was that she had undertaken an identification project without the background in systematics which she needed to complete it. She didn't have the training in histology, embryology, and invertebrate anatomy which would have made her life so much easier, and her thesis so much simpler to complete.