Researcher Profile

John Field

Job Title: Instructor
Employer: Capilano College
Place of Birth: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Public School attended: Evelyn Rogers School (Guatemala); American School (El Salvador)
High School attended: Shawnigan Lake School (Canada)
Further Education: University of Victoria (B.Sc.), University of Queensland (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia

Brief synopsis of current research:
During the period 1992 - 1998, I was involved in an unfunded (volunteer) project to establish the presence, distribution and relative abundance of marbled murrelets in their forest nesting habitats, specifically on the Caren Range, north of Sechelt, B.C. The project was almost entirely field work. It involved early morning vigils throughout the summer months when the murrelets were actively nesting in this area. It also included monitoring the behaviour of adults and chicks at each of three active nests found during the study. Currently this research is suspended while I and my colleagues pursue unrelated activities.

Mailing address:
Capilano College, Box 1609, Sechelt, B.C., V0N 3A0

My interest in aquatic science began when I was very young, probably due to a combination of my love for and interest in the outdoors and in fishing. I grew up by one of the most beautiful lakes in the world: Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala. Since then I have always maintained a insatiable curiosity about all things natural. In n more recent years have transformed this interest into an active effort to ensure the survival of wild ecosystems in the face of destructive human exploitation and development.