Researcher Profile

Catherine Enright

Job Title: Associate Professor
Employer: Nova Scotia Agricultural College
Place of Birth: Windsor, ON, Canada
Public School attended: Christ the King
High School attended: Massey and Centennial
Further Education: University of Windsor (B.Sc.), Dalhousie University (M.Sc., Ph.D.)
Geographic focus of research: Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia

Brief synopsis of current research:
I am researching more cost-effective diets for shellfish in hatcheries. (Presently live phytoplankton diets are fed to shellfish in hatcheries in the aquaculture industry.) I am looking at more effecient ways to grow quality phytoplankton for shellfish diets. The two best species to date are Chaeteros muelleri and Isochrysis galbana.


Recent Publications:

Newkirk, G., Muise, B., Enright, C.T., 1995. Culture of the Belon Oyster, Ostrea edulis, in Nova Scotia. In: Cold-Water Aquaculture in Atlantic Canada. Boghen, A.D. (Ed.). Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development 225-253.

Enright, C.T., Elner, R.W., Griswold, A., Borgese, E.M., 1993. Evaluation of crabs as control agents for biofouling in suspended culture of European oysters. World Aquaculture 24(4): 49-51.

Grant, J., Enright, C.T., Griswold, A., 1990. Resuspension and Growth of Ostrea edulis: A Field Experiment. Marine Biology 104:51-59.

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Enright, C.T., Newkird, G.F., Craigie, J.S., Castell, J.D., 1986. Growth of Juvenile Ostrea edulis L. fed Chaetoceros gracilis Schutt of Varied Chemical Composition. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 96: 15-26.