Thomas EdwardsResearcher Profile

Thomas W.D. Edwards

Job Title: Professor
Employer: University of Waterloo
Place of Birth: Victoria, BC, Canada
Public School attended: Hawthorn Public School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Crichton Park Public School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, New Place Preparatory School, Shedfield, Hampshire (United Kingdom)
High School attended: Bell High School, Bell's Corners, Ontario, LaSalle High School, Kingston, Ontario
Further Education: Queen's University (B.Sc., M.Sc.), University of Waterloo (Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: NWT, Nunavut, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Russia, Sweden, Germany, USA/p>

Brief synopsis of current research:
Dr Edwards' research involves the use of naturally occurring isotopes as tracers in water and climate studies and in closely related aspects of environmental isotope geochemistry. His efforts and those of his research group aim to document and interpret variations in the relative abundance of the rare stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in precipitation, surface and ground waters, as well as in materials like tree rings and lake sediments, as indicators of past environmental history and ongoing hydrologic and climatic change.

Mailing address:
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON N2L 3G1

Recent Publications:

Wolfe, B.B., Edwards, T.W.D. and Aravena, R. 1999. Changes in carbon and nitrogen cycling during treeline retreat recorded in the isotopic content of lacustrine organic matter, western Taimyr Peninsula, Russia. The Holocene 9, 215-222.

Gibson, J.J., Edwards, T.W.D. and Prowse, T.D. 1999. Pan- derived isotopic composition of atmospheric water vapour and its variability in northern Canada. Journal of Hydrology 217, 55-74.

Hammarlund, D., Edwards, T.W.D., Björck, S., Buchhardt, B. and Wohlfarth, B. 1998. Climate and environment during the Younger Dryas (GS-1) as reflected by composite stable isotope records of lacustrine carbonates at Torreberga, southern Sweden. Journal of Quaternary Science 14, 17-28.

Wolfe, B.B., and Edwards, T.W.D. 1997. Hydrologic control on the oxygen-isotope relation between sediment cellulose and lake water, Taimyr Peninsula, Russia: Implications for the use of surface-sediment calibrations in paleolimnology. Journal of Paleolimnology 18, 283-291.

Wolfe, B.B., Edwards, T.W.D., Aravena, R. and MacDonald, G.M. 1996. Rapid Holocene hydrologic change along boreal treeline revealed by d13C and d18O in organic lake sediments, Northwest Territories, Canada. Journal of Paleolimnology 15, 171-181.

My career path has been strongly influenced by my fascination with water, from splashing in puddles as a child to canoeing as a teenager. The field work that I do now allows me to indulge in water-play in places that I could never otherwise afford to visit, while generating new knowledge about the inter-relationships between water and climate and other aspects of the natural environment.