Researcher Profile

Dr. Jim Duston

Job Title: Finfish Specialist
Employer: Nova Scotia Agricultural College
Place of Birth: York, U.K.
High School attended: Archbishop Holgates Grammar School
Further Education: Univ. Bath, U.K. (B.Sc. - Applied Biology), Univ. Aston in Birmingham, U.K. (Ph.D. - Fish Phsyiology).
Geographic focus of research: Maritimes

Brief synopsis of current research:
1) Life history patterns in Atlantic salmon
2) Effects of photoperiod on sexual maturation in salmonids
3) Life time reproductive effort of brown trout
4) Striped bass. Foraging rates of larvae: effects of light, turbidity

Recent Publications:

Duston and Saunders 1999 Can. J. Fish Aquat Sci 56:201-207

Duston and Saunders 1997. Env. Biol. Fishes 50:149-166

Life long interest in fish!