Researcher Profile

Tony Diamond

Job Title: Senior Chair, Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Rsearch Network
Employer: University of New Brunswick
Place of Birth: Calcutta, Bengal, India
Public School attended: Epsom County Primary School
High School attended: Bristol Grammar School
Further Education: Queens' College Cambridge (B.Sc.), University of Aberdeen (M.Sc., Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: New Brunswick, West Indies, Kenya, Seychelles

Brief synopsis of current research:
Evolutionary ecology of birds: especially in forested and marine ecosystems: birds as indicators of ecosystem changes.

Mailing address:
Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Research Network, P.O.Box 45111, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B. Canada, E3B 6E1
Phones: (506)453-5006 (a.m.), -4926 (p.m.); Fax 453-3583 (a.m.), -3538 (p.m.)

Recent Publications:

Mawhinney, K., Diamond, A.W. and Kehoe, F.P. 1999. The use of energy reserves by Great Black-backed Gulls during breeding. Canadian Journal of Zoology 77: 1459-1464.

Mawhinney, K. and Diamond, A.W. 1999. Using mark-recapture ratios of radio-transmitters to improve estimates of gull predation on eider ducklings. Condor 101(4): 824-831.

Mawhinney, K. and Diamond, A.W. 1999. Status and productivity of Common Eiders in relation to the status of Great Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls in the southern Bay of Fundy and northern Gulf of Maine. Waterbirds. 22(2): 253-262.

Mawhinney, K. and Diamond, A.W. 1999. Sex determination of great black-backed gulls using morphometric characters. Journal of Field Ornithology 70(2): 206-210.

Alexander,S.A., Hobson,K.A., Gratto-Trevor,C.L. and Diamond,A.W. 1996. Conventional and isotopic determinations of shorebird diets at an inland stopover: the importance of invertebrates and Potamogeton pectinatus tubers. Can. J. Zool.74:1057-1068.