Researcher Profile

Robert E. DeWreede

Job Title: Professor of Botany
Employer: Department of Botany, the University of British Columbia
Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Holland
Further Education: B.Sc., Ph.D.
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia, Indonesia, Micronesia, Philippines (all in the past) and Mexico.

Brief synopsis of current research:
We study the ecology of marine intertidal and subtidal algae. In this context we use field and laboratory studies, examining plant herbivore interactions, seaweed biomechanics, population dynamics models, and limited molecular approaches to answer ecological questions.

Recent Publications:

Markell, R. & R.E. DeWreede 1998 Mechanisms underlying the effect of the chiton Katharina tunicata (Wood) on the kelp Hedophyllum sessile (C.Agardh) Setchell: size escape and indirect effects. Marine Ecology Progress Series 166: 151-161.

Collado-Vides, L.R., R. DeWreede & K.L.D. Milligan. 1998 Biomechanical properties of Udotea (Halimedales, Chlorophyta) in a Mexican reef lagoon. Phycologia 37: 443-449.

Sussmann, A., B.K. Mable, R. E. DeWreede and M. Berbee. 1999 Identification of green algal endophytes as the alternate phase of Acrosiphonia (Codiolales, Chlorophyta) using ITS1 and ITS2 ribosomal DNA sequence data. Journal of Phycology 35: 607-614.

Hudson, J.B., J.H. Kim, L.K. Lee, R.E. DeWreede & Y.K. Hong. 1999 Multiple antiviral activities in extracts of seaweeds from British Columbia. Pharmaceutical Biology 37: 1-7.

Scrosati, R. and R.E. DeWreede 1999 Demographic models to simulate the stable ratio between ecologically similar gametophytes and tetrasporophytes in populations of the Gigartinaceae (Rhodophyta). Phycological Research 47: 153-158.