Researcher Profile

Rick Devlin

Job Title: Research Assistant Professor
Employer: University of Waterloo
Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Public School attended: Monseigneur Deschamps, St. Joachin, Seignory Elementary School
High School attended: John Rennie High School
Further Education: Queen's University (B.Sc., M.Sc. - Geology), University of Waterloo (Ph.D. - Earth Sciences). Geographic focus of research: Ontario

Brief synopsis of current research:
My research is concerned with fate and transport of organic chemicals in groundwater, and the application of these processes to designing long-term remediation technologies. I currently have projects in progress that involve investigations of chlorinated compounds reactions in sulphate reducing environments and nitroaroamatic transformations and sorption to commercial granular iron (a material gaining acceptance as a reactive medium for groundwater remediation). The latter studies are aimed at monitoring iron reactivity as a function of time and geochemical composition of the groundwater. I am also supervising a field project on in situ nitrate treatment near a municipal well and the development of a groundwater velocity probe.

Recent Publications:

Morkin, M., Devlin, J.F., Barker, J.F., Butler, B.J. (accepted). In situ treatment of a mixed contaminant plume. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology.

Arildskov, N.P., Devlin, J.F. (2000). Field and laboratory evaluation of a diffusive emitter for semi-passive release of PCE to an aquifer. Ground Water v. 38, no 1, 129-138.

Devlin, J.F., and Mueller, D. 1999. Field and laboratory studies of carbon tetrachloride transformation in a sandy aquifer under sulfate reducing conditions. Environmental Science and Technology, v. 33, no. 7, 1021-1027.

Devlin, J.F., Klausen, J., Schwarzenbach, R.P. 1998. Kinetics of nitroaromatic reduction on granular iron in recirculating batch experiments. Environmental Science and Technology, v. 32, no. 13, 1941-1947.