Researcher Profile

Frank Dalziel

Job Title: Fisheries Technician
Employer: Malaspina University College
Place of Birth: Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Public School attended: St. Patrick's (Victoria, B.C.)
High School attended: Oak Bay Secondary (Victoria B.C.)
Further Education: Malaspina University College (Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology)
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia

Brief synopsis of current research:
I'm involved in different ways with various projects, some still very preliminary: Coho Stock Assessment (long-term monitoring on a single stream), Coastal Cutthroat Trout tagging, in the process of building a stream tank to study species interactions.


Aquatic science in Canada is very important to society in general. Students should choose this career because they love the aquatic environment and everything in it, not because they expect to get rich. Few Fisheries or Aquaculture careers are 35 - 40 hour per week jobs! It is more of a life style. Basically I do what I do because I have always been fascinated by fish and the organisms that live in an aquatic environment. The job pays the bills (this is necessary), but I know very few people in this field that can leave their job at work. It is always in your head and one is always thinking about what we know and perhaps what we don't know. If a student can accept this "full-time" araangement, then one of the fields in fisheries or aquaculture is the right place to be. (I won't go into the frustrations of politics, but students that enter this field should be aware that sometimes support is very hard to obtain. Dollars going to health, education, etc., not much left over for fish!)