Researcher Profile

R. Allyn Clarke

Job Title: Assistant Manager, Ocean Sciences Division
Employer: Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Public School attended: East Malartic, Quebec; Casummit Lake, Ontario; Toronto, Ontario
High School attended: North Toronto Collegiate Institute
Further Education: University of Toronto (B.Sc. - Physics and chemistry, M.Sc. - applied mathematics), University of British Columbia (Ph.D. - Physics).
Geographic focus of research: North west Atlantic, Labrador Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Nordic seas.

Brief synopsis of current research:
I research the circulation of the North Atlantic with particular focus on its role within the climate system. I carry out field programs to observe and understand particular aspects of the open ocean circulation patterns in the North west Atlantic. In recent years these programs have focussed on the Gulf Stream / North Atlantic Current system south and east of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland and the deep thermohaline circulation of the North Atlantic including the deep convective processes of the Greenland and Labrador Sea. I also spend a great deal of time coordinating large international climate science programs including the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) and the Climate Variability and Predictability program (CLIVAR).

Ocean Sciences Division
Deep Sea Oceanographic Group