Researcher Profile

Antonella Cattaneo

Job Title: Adjunct Professor
Employer: Universite de Montreal- Dept. sciences biologiques
Place of Birth: Borgomanero, Italy.
Public School attended: Scuola Elementare, Borgomanero
High School attended: Liceo Scientifico "A. Antonelli", Novara
Further Education: Universita di Pavia, Italy (Laurea: Biological Sciences).
Geographic focus of research: Quebec, Ontario, Italy.

Brief synopsis of current research:
Distribution and abundance of benthic algae, mosses and associated invertebrates in Laurentian streams. Effects of eutrophication and of stream level variation.

Taxonomic and morphological changes in algal assemblages affected by metal contamination as a tool for monitoring past and present disturbances and recovery.

Epiphytic algae and invertebrates associated to different types of aquatic vegetation in the St. Lawrence River and in Italian lakes.