Researcher Profile

James A. Boutillier

Job Title: Section Head Invertebrate and Marine Mammal Stock Assessments
Employer: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Place of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Public School attended: Delton Elementary, Otwell Junior
High School attended: Bonnie Doon Senior Secondary
Further Education: University of Alberta (B.Sc.), University of British Columbia (teaching certification).
Geographic focus of research: British Columbia, Northern Pacific Rim Countries.

Brief synopsis of current research:
Current research is the development and implementation of assessment frameworks for invertebrates and marine mammals. Specific emphasis in my career has been on the development of the assessment and management frameworks that insure the conservation of exploited resources. This can vary from geo-spatial analysis of fishery independant trawl and trap surveys and fishery dependant fishing logbook records to set fixed exploitation levels in the shrimp trawl fisheries to development of at-sea assessment protocols to insure fixed escapement levels for females shrimp in the Prawn trap fisheries.


Recent Publications:

Boutillier, J.A., R.B. Lauzier, A.C. Phillips and L. Barton. 1998. Framework for a Tanner crab (Chionoecetes tanneri and C. angulatus) fishery in waters off the West Coast of Canada. Canadian Stock Assessment Secretariat Research Document 98/125.

Boutillier J.A., J.A.Bond and H. Nguyen. 1999. Halibut by-catch in the British Columbia Shrimp Trawl Fishery. Canadian Stock Assessment Secretariat Research Document 99/122.

Boutillier J.A. , J.A. Bond, and H. Nguyen. 1999. Evaluation of a new assessment and management framework for shrimp stocks in British Columbia. Canadian Stock Assessment Secretariat Research Document 99/124.

Boutillier J.A. and J.A. Bond. 1999. Implication on assessment of the British Columbia prawn population with the adoption of a quota management system. Canadian Stock Assessment Secretariat Research Document 99/130.

Perry R.I., C.J. Walters and J.A.Boutillier. 1999. A framework for providing scientific advice for the management of new and developing invertebrate fisheries. Rev. in Fish Bio and Fisheries 9: 125-150.

The best advise that I can provide to students interested in a career in resource management is to make sure that they have a strong background in statistics and mathematical modelling combined with your love of biology.